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The imagination of artists and writers has long defined our vision of the future, but creativity doesn’t belong to artists; it belongs to everyone. While incredible developments in technology narrow the space between imagination and reality, we are overwhelmed by the speed of that change.
Through best practices, iterative processes, and design systems developed within creative industries learn to organize chaos, see around corners, and design pictures that speak louder than words so that you can find your voice in the artificial age.
To find your voice in the artificial age will require each of us to think differently; to think louder.
The book, Think Louder- a guide for the wandering mind is currently in development. Join the Think Louder Substack for a preview of my writing and long-form thoughts on art, creativity and developments in innovation. You'll be the first to know when it's published. 
Created in three parts, Think Louder is delivered as a series of six-week courses with three different ways to study. Click the button below to learn how to study LIVE with Sterling Hundley and a cohort of other creatives, or as an Independent Study. 
"I'm on a mission to teach artists the value of their voice and the world the value of artists." 
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