If you have design, concept or illustration questions, reach out at sterling@sterlinghundley.com. Be sure to include a link to your work. I may even share the questions, along with your first name, and a link to your work here and in my newsletter. 
Q1. Anonymous: Hi Sterling, I would like to ask you some questions. I have problems producing illustrations. I spend most of my time studying technical stuff (anatomy, light, color, etc) and I always feel that I'm missing something. I do not feel ready. There are times that I can not find a way to create illustrations. Do you have any advice for me to try to solve this problem?
A1. Sterling: Most illustrators have a real challenge in acknowledging the critical value in their own curiosities and quirks as an integral component in the artistry of illustration. Every successful artist that I have taught has already had the answer to the third part through their lives-lived and in the pages of their sketchbooks. As an educator, it is my role to teach them to value their differences as strengths, not weaknesses. 
“Honor the familiar.”
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