Creativity isn't magic, it's logic. 
The Ideation Lab is a creative amplifier for thinking louder. 
It was designed as a process for forging ideas and amplifying their impact across a wide variety of applied art and visual storytelling. 
Ideas Matter
As a student, I was starved for a creative method that would help me - anything that might build confidence in that most essential stage of creating- the genesis of ideas. 
If we have nothing to say, then why bother saying it? For me there was nothing more frustrating than learning the fundamentals of drawing and an understanding of software, without the ability to bring my own ideas to life. That's what we're talking about, isn't it? The ability to pull things from our imagination and to make them real. 
You're invited
The Ideation Lab is as a sandbox for creatives to contribute, design and share their working processes, passion projects and world changing ideas. 
From coursework to support tools in development, The Ideation Lab is dedicated to the power of ideas in shaping our creative evolution.
Bring your optimism, your insight and your brilliance.
Think Louder,
Sterling Hundley