Exploration of a personal branding project referencing the she-wolf statue circa 3rd century BC (artist unknown). 
In the original statue, the she-wolf is suckling Romulus and Remus and has long stood as a symbol for the founding of Rome. I'm fascinated by inherent dichotomy as the source of all creativity and this mythos tells the story of a predator going against its nature. The original statue seems to be created in different styles- Romulus and Remus as infants appear to be highly nuanced and realistic in their approach, indicative of sculptural trends in Rome and Greece at that time. The she-wolf, by contrast, is highly stylized and feels of a different time and place. Aesthetically, the statue reminds me of Cambodian and Chinese statues, but is this possible given the expansive reach of the Roman Empire? These are the types of questions that drive my curiosity.
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