"Baby's Breath" LE (100)
Limited (100) Edition screen print available through Kickstarter.
24" x 18"
140 LB French Paper
3 Colors
*(images shown are a mockup of the final print)

"Living Room No. 1"
Encaustic collage on panel
20" x 16"
Ink, paint, tape, wax on panel

This compression portrait, aggregated over two years, was created from short interval drawings. Each new sitting starting with a fresh layer. Once completed, these layers were carved into to reveal forgotten moments and memories lost to time. This piece directly informed the larger oil painting "Baby's Breath" and is now available through my Kickstarter campaign. Embedded canvases are placed throughout my home and familiar routines- hidden behind chairs, under tables and behind cabinets, they provide me fleeting moments to capture lost moments.
"Baby's Breath"
Oil on panel
48" x 36"

Created in response to "Living Room No. 1", this large oil painting became the signature painting in my most recent exhibition "A Familiar Interval". 

"Baby's Breath" and is now available through my Kickstarter campaign. 
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